Renovation of old dry shake floors in Gdansk

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In December 2017 our products were used in a flooring project – renovation of old dry shake floor in logistic center in Gdansk (Poland), area of 3930 m2. Floor was 9 years old and was dusty, dust was accumulating on the goods stored. Also, forklifts made lots of marks on the floor. Flooring contractor did the job with one of the modern systems of renovation of old concrete flooring – ECO system and spend only 2 days on it! He used big heavy propane burnisher with 3 planetary heads and diamond nets to make deep cleaning of surface and grinding/polishing. Ultralit Hard Premium was applied at first with 35 g/m2, followed by Ultralit Gloss (18 g/m2). Final Mohs pencil readings were 7. As a maintenance solution, our cleaning concentrate Ultralit Brilliant was specified. 5% solution is mixed into autoscrubber and used twice a week to keep the floor shiny and glossy. After renovation forklifts already does not leave any marks.